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Veronese Food and Recipes
The Veronese cuisine is one of the most varied in Italy, consisting of "poor" aliments as legumes, vegetables, rice and pasta, and "rich" aliments such as meat, sausages and lake fish. Among the others give a try to risottos, vegetable soups or pasta with beans, steaming polenta, gnocchi and tasty "bigoli", fish like carp, trout and delicious warm soups. The meat recipes are simple and include wild animals and poultry, traditional sauces as the "tastasal" made with pork meat. Traditional is the processing of pork meat, just think of the seasoned homemade salami "soppressa veneta". About 400 hundred different species of mushrooms are findable. Famous and tipical cakes and dessert like Pandoro di Verona, internationally known, and Tiramisù (originated in Veneto).

PEARA': Venetian term that means peppery, Pearà is a sauce made with breadcrumbs, beef marrow, butter, broth and plenty of pepper. Some recipes use Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano as a further ingredient to the mix.

For a perfect realization a slow and long cooking time (even 2 or 3 hours) is fundamental. This sauce is traditionally accompanied by boiled meat ("lesso"). The spread of this sauce is limited to Veneto, especially to Verona area, where it is largely consumed on Sundays and during Christmas Lunch.

POLENTA AND COD: it is a typical dish from Vicenza based on stockfish (dried cod). The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and almost every family uses one of many variations, usually guarded jealously. Salt cod must be of excellent quality; the best quality is called "Ragno" (Spider) that comes from the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It must be crushed, then soaked for three days in running water, so that it softens, then cleaned, then floured and cooked over low heat with lots of onion in an earthenware pot, covered with milk and oil in equal amounts. It is served with plenty of Polenta (Mais Cream).



SOAVE: The most known Veronese white wine is DOC and it is produced in the province of Verona. With a delicate color, a sharp nose and a satisfying and quick tasting development.

Color: straw yellow to greenish.
Smell: winey with an intense characteristic and delicate perfume.
Flavor: dry, medium-bodied and harmonious, slightly bitter.

Soave allows to enhance the flavors of local products, it is served at a temperature of 9-10° C. It marries particularly well with appetizers and dishes based on fish.

LESSINI DURELLO: It means harsh, expression both of a territory and of a former vineyard called "Durella" covering the slopes of the valleys merging sometimes with cherry trees, which are also typical of the Eastern Verona.

It 's a sour wine, that farmers were used to soften with water. The modern oenology has developed the characteristics of the grape, making the Durello a fine wine, ideal with refined dishes, seafood, vegetables, eggs and mild cheeses.
The most representative variety of Lessini Durello is the sparkling Spumante. It is produced from a minimum of 85% Durella grapes with possible additions of Garganega, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The method is the Classic with a second fermentation in the bottle. Durello Spumante has a fine and persistent foam, pale yellow with green reflections, vinous, delicate and slightly fruity, pleasant flavor, sour  and harmonious.
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